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Video : Dozzy - Kelekedinma (D...

Video : Dozzy - Kelekedinma (Dir by Mister Vo...

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I know you are expecting a speech I know I know there's violence on the tv and the world is in chaos I know I know that education is the key but the labour market seems locked But I know that it just takes one person to leave the whole world shocked Martin Luther, Nelson Mandela, never let them tell you other wise Anybody can make it Race doesn't stand a chance when you suffice Truth and lies entangled in what we see today I know But it doesn't affect a dedicated florist from making his roses grow I know loneliness I know pain I know hate I know the feeling of no love gained Cause like you I am a living breathing human breathing human, starting on an all time low, there dejected by society but then picked, raised and nurtured apparently to fend for ourselves from our tender ages, hoping we can at least get that sumptuous hand to mouth feeding technique. But then we can't be brought low, our ambitions high as ever we strive to make each day the best as it goes by, looking up to the heavens awaiting daily s upplications from the almighty knowing one day, the luck will shine on our ambitions and elevate us to a much grander state. We won't be brought low, we shall not let our background put our back on the ground, for we are the world, we are the ones to make the world a better place, so its high time we start living. You can only join us... if life was a straight road it will be all too boring trust me. Never give up Cause someday One day Soon This would b an epic story That I know And u should know too