Hoeism... because her path is different doesn’t mean she is lost

Hi I’m the naked girl

And this my messed up diary of life

Welcome ????

“She’s a Hoe”

Respect that fam
Should we define a modern Hoe, not a farm tool, the guys calls her a Hoe, she runs home with guilt and tears “I’m no Hoe”

She keeps denying having the fun of pleasure with any guy she wants because of the fear of being called a Hoe, but she let’s out and lives the way she wants to, she cherishs pleasure and you call her a Hoe

Who is a Hoe?

She sleeps with every guy she wishes to sleep with(i don’t want to sound raw)and the world terms it Sleeping Around,

He sleeps with every girl he gets the chance to, and his friends chant praises

She’s a Hoe, He’s a Hoe

Definition wrong

I stand to be corrected and don’t want to be corrected

Being a Hoe doesn’t mean she sleeps around, the other girls I heard, they ranted about how much of a Hoe she is, and I smile from afar, they bitch talk her and that makes them Hoes

Damn she’s just a girl who has a messed up life as you, and sleeps with any guy to satisfy herself, calling her a Hoe shouldn’t be your job to do,

Pay attention Boys, because you had your way with her doesn’t give you the right to call her such name, she’s a girl as other girls, different life, and she decides what or how she lives, if you say she’s a Hoe, respect that, you never want to know her experience that got her that title, she makes out with you, hunnie you should be lucky, she doesn’t give into any body except her body decides,

So I’ll classify a Hoe for you

She sleeps with whoever her body wants just as you do with any girl you want, she doesn’t sleep just any body, with who she wants, respect her and treat her human not treat her with such name. She’s no Hoe, she’s just a girl exploring life as you.

DATE: Sun. 28th Jan. 2018 3:43pm
BY: orimisan ayomiposi

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